Which Padel Racket Should I Buy?


For many non-professionals, which padel racket to buy seems like an easy decision. Just go into the store and pick one out which looks good in your hands! After all, that’s what I did my first time.

However, when you go on the Internet to research which padel racket is right for you, you are bound to stumble on a whole list of brands that all claim to have the best rackets for padel tennis.

So which one is right? This guide will help you decide which racket to pick out and which is most suited for your playing style.

Almost all padel rackets are offered by their main brand, which means that when you are looking for which padel racket to buy, you’re actually picking which brand you’d like.

This is why it is so important to do your research first, as the quality of a racket from one brand can vary greatly from that of another. When buying a padel racket, I recommend visiting our padel racket reviews first.

However, if you are a beginner and don’t know which padel racket to buy, this article is also useful as it will explain which features to look for when choosing which padel racket is best suited for your playing style.

Smash / Drive Rackets

As the name suggests, these rackets are designed specifically for hitting volleys and smashes, which is perfect for the game of Padel. A lot of them have an oversized head to create more power behind your shots, which, needless to say, comes in handy when you are smashing an opponent’s shot back over the net.

A key feature many pro-players look for when choosing which padel racket to buy is the balance which refers to how heavy the head is compared to the handle. A racket that has a higher proportion of weight in its head will feel heavier and more powerful, which allows you to hit your shots with greater speed which, as we’ve seen before, helps you place your shot on the court with accuracy.

However, a heavy racket is not suitable for newer players as you will most likely have problems hitting accurate shots, leading to you losing the point.

If, however, your goal is to buy a padel racket to hit powerful and precise volleys and smashes, which often take the shape of lobs or smashes, then a heavy padel racket with a lot more weight in it its head is the one that you should get.

Many players prefer padel rackets designed for drive shots, which is why many manufacturers now specialize in producing these types of rackets, which they dub as “stable”. This name is because most of these rackets are designed with an extra bit of mass in the handle to increase their stability.

When looking for a racket optimized for drive shots, I highly recommend choosing a racket that has more weight in its head and as little as possible towards its handle. If you take a good look at these rackets, which I did when first buying a padel racket, you will notice that they have very thick frames and almost zero tapers.

This is because the thicker frame of these rackets makes it more difficult to flex when you hit your shots than thinner ones, making it easier for you to drive your shot back at your opponent powerfully.

Another feature I recommend when buying a padel racket is the string pattern, as this will greatly determine how accurate your drive shots will be. Many of these rackets have thick strings in their mains which helps keep them stable when hitting powerful drive shots.

Lob Rackets

Although most rackets are designed to hit powerful volleys and also smashes quite good at hitting lobs, some rackets are specifically designed with this game in mind.

If you plan on only playing the “lob-game”, then you’ll want to look for these types of padel rackets as they are made to hit accurate shots, which tend to be slow and more powerful than drive shots.

The easiest way to look for these rackets is to find a racket with as little weight as possible in its head and a lot more in the handle. Even though the main purpose of a lob racket is to hit accurate shots, most players prefer light heads so that they can easily manoeuvre around an opponent’s shot which results in them having a higher chance of winning the point.

Another common feature that you will find on these types of rackets is an oversized top-hamper which makes it easier for the racket face to open up when hitting powerful shots, resulting in your opponent’s shot being easily returned over the net.


When choosing which padel racket to buy, the strings are of utmost importance as you will be hitting them with a lot of power to hit your shots. This means that they can easily break if not made from good quality material.

When choosing what Padel string brand to buy, I recommend staying away from any clearly bad brands, such as Luxilon. Although many Padel players use these strings, they are of poor quality, which can quickly lead to you spending more money on string replacements than you originally planned for.

One brand that I would highly recommend is Babolat’s Padel strings, as they tend to be a lot stronger than traditional tennis ones without making your racket heavier. This helps to keep your racket’s weight from increasing too much as you replace the string.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a padel racket is its weight. For beginners, I highly recommend choosing one with at least 300 grams in its head and as little as possible towards its handle. If you are looking to play competitively, I highly recommend getting a lightweight racket as close to the legal weight limit of 230 grams as possible.

If you plan on playing professionally, I suggest choosing one with around 300 grams in its head and no more than 50 towards its handle or else you will be breaking the rules. If this is the case, I highly recommend using a Racket Cover to keep your racket protected from any damage.


After taking all of this information into account, you should now be able to choose the best padel racquet for you that fits both your playing style and budget. If you are still unsure about what padel racket will suit you best after reading this article, I would recommend reading my article on how to play padel racket and figure out which kind of player you want to be.

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