How Much it Costs to Build a Padel Court


The average cost of building a padel court is around $40,000 to 50,000. This may include the preparation costs and also the construction works depending on the specifications given by your architect or contractor.

To give you a clearer picture of how much it will cost you to build a padel court in your backyard, here are the following details:

1. Preparation of the site

This will include excavating and removing the soil, excavation works for drainage installation, and finally, filling and compaction work to ensure no significant settlement problems. You may also need surveying services to ensure that all the lines have been properly drawn out on paper before you start your construction works.

2. Pouring of the concrete slabs/pads

This includes ensuring that all the forms are in place and checked before pouring the concrete to avoid unevenness or low spots on your padel court surface. The concrete pads will usually be 1-1/4 to 2 inches thick.

3. Installation of the posts and netting

The installation of the posts is a crucial part of building your padel court because it will ensure no significant problems with stability. There are three types of post supports used in padel courts: pylons, tension cables and anchors. The cost for installing these post vary between $500 and $800 each.

The cost to install these posts depends on the type of sub-base you will use, fillers, and even how deep you are going to implant them. The range is as wide as $350-$900 per post, but in general, it takes more materials, time and labour if you want to install pylons, and that is why it costs more.

4. Building the skirting board

The skirting board is going to be a wooden fence around the perimeter of your court surface. It may include a gate on one side for entry and exit purposes or just an open style without any door. The height of this skirting board could be anywhere from 30 inches to 5 feet.

The cost of the skirting board depends on the type of wood you are going to use and how much time it will take for you to build one around your padel court. However, in general terms, it costs $150-$750 per linear foot invested in building this wooden fence around your padel court.

5. Completion and redecoration works

When you finally finish the construction, you will need to carry out redecoration work to paint and add more finishing touches on your padel court. The costs for this work depend entirely on your needs and tastes.